Disputaser ved Institutt for klinisk odontologi, Universitetet i Tromsø i perioden 2018-2022


Master of Science Tracy Munthali Lunde – disputert 25.03.2022
Tittel på avhandling: Antibiotic Resistance in Oral Steptococci: The prevalence, diversity, stability, and fitness cost of Tn916-Tn1545 family in oral streptococcal isolates
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Master i odontologi, med spesialutdanning i klinisk odontologi Lars Martin Berg- disputert 04.04. 2022
Tittel på avhandling: Treatment success with continuous positive airway pressure or mandibular advancement splints in non-severe obstructive sleep apnea: A randomized controlled clinical trial on sleep quality, health-related quality of life and clinical predictors of treatment success
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Master i odontologi Hege Nermo – disputert 01.10.2021
Tittel på avhandling: Dental anxiety in adolescents and adults: Epidemiological studies based on the Tromsø Study 7 and Fit Futures 1 & 2
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Master i odontologi Gro Eirin Holde – disputert 20.09.2019
Tittel på avhandling: Periodontal health in Troms, Northern Norway. Descriptive, subject level and site-specific analyses
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Cand.odont Sigurd Hadler-Olsen – disputert 25.10.2019
Tittel på avhandling: Ectopic and normal maxillary canine eruption: maxillary incisor root resorption and interceptive treatment


Master i odontologi Ioanna Dallari Jacobsen – disputert 16.02.2018
Tittel på avhandling: Dental health and need for non-operative treatment among 16-years-olds in Northern Norway
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Master i odontologi Bo Wold Nilsen – disputert 04.05.2018
Tittel på avhandling: Methacrylates in polymer-resin based dental materials: Assessment of exposure and biological effects
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